Youngs Boatyard

 In our quest for finding our first sailboat (The One), we got to go to, and experience many marinas, owners, employees, and their guests that go along with them. 

While we didn’t stay at any of these marinas before coming here, I can say I am quite impressed with Youngs Boatyard, and its owner Phil Young. This is by far the cleanest boatyard we have yet to encounter. 

Youngs Boatyard

 Young’s Boatyard is situated at “The Gateway to the Chesapeake” on Jones Creek, being in business since 1945 when Phil’s father started the business. The marina is situated on Jones Creek across from an old steel mill that has recently closed down.

In the past debris from the steel mill created a dusty mess for all marinas in the area. Now the area is free from the dusty mess it caused, making it hard to resist the area compared to most on Sparrows Point.   

Sunset at Young’s Boatyard

Phil was not only a pleasure to get to know, he was very patient with our many questions in regards to sailboats and gave us a world of information. Each and every person we met at the marina was a pleasure to meet. From the Wednesday night sailors to the do it yourself boaters. 

When asking Phil If him and his wife take many vacations, he replied with “No, we’re usually always here”. You could see in his eyes and from his smile, this was not just a business for him, but a passion. 

Both Phil and his wife devote their entire life to this business and every aspect of running it from driving the Travel Lift, cutting the grass, and website management (which I am very impressed with).  

Phil operating the Travel Lift

For each time we got to watch a boat be hauled out, we got to watch one be dropped in. This all being new to me, I found each one as exciting as the first. 

We’re both glad to be moving on to our next phase in the journey but will always remember this quiet, clean marina and Phil who sold us our first sailboat. Not to mention, it only costed $1.   

Even the local rabbits enjoy the boatyard

 For anyone looking for a slip or even a boatyard for do-it-yourself, I would highly recommend Young’s Boatyard. Just give them a call or stop by. You will likely find Phil in the boatyard working. 


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confucius