Post cards

Water, wind, currents both tide and flood, sails, engines and post card picturesThe thing every cruiser has to deal with is that everyone see’s these post cards in the corner gift shop while they are on vacation. Everyone thinks we live the easy care free life.

Not that sunny beaches, sipping coconuts and beautiful relaxing sunsets don’t exist, but in the cruising life… Well suffice it to say its only a part, even a small part of the picture. My inexperience may show, and we are doing a lot of learning. More than I had ever imagined really.

Those post cards we all love don’t show the 50+ mph winds that caused those palm trees to bend so beautifully. They don’t convey the pain that feels like needles in you skin the blowing sand and rain bring. They do not show rope worn hands that come from wrestling halyards under load that will try to rip your arms out of their sockets. But you can’t let go now, or you can lose control… rudder control is critical with boating. They don’t show all the walking to and from provisioning stops in towns without a taxi in sight. They simply don’t show the extreme sport that cruising can be.

This post card we all know and love is quite different when you live it, and don’t just visit. The most experienced sailors I have met to date start off by assessing your equipment… The boat and rigging, the engine and/or sails, the anchor, navigation charts, etc.. Water and food storage is critical, space is always a premium feature never considered with such respect on land. Double fail safes are not just recommended… In a long enough time line they will, in shore fact, be between your life and death. All this coupled with doing it on a budget with commitments like we are can be a lot to handle.

It is hardly remembered after Ford produced¬†the¬†automobile that it took him and his team efforts beyond what anyone thought possible. They all said you can’t cast a whole engine block at once! Then walked off to punch their time clocks to pay for a home they are rarely in.

But my friends, don’t ever forget the journey, whether it by you, the Wright brothers, Captain Cook, Columbus, or Henry Ford. They said wood is heavier than air! Just give it up… It can bear amazing fruit, but does take a dedication that seems rare. Maybe because its borderline crazy… I’ll get back to you on that in a year or so.

All this said, the post card is a great destination. It’s also important to remember, and enjoy… the journey!



Hear the amazement in Misty’s voice? This is after months of crazy hard work and minimal pay side jobs. It does warm my heart to watch and was totally worth it.