1000 year flood of 2015

Running from the 1000 year stormWith the weather reports these days, most people generally know to respect mother earth and her elements, but it’s just different when you experience it yourself. Like this The 1000 Year Storm of 2015..

I was younger, in a flash flood once and our party was lucky enough to escape with our lives. Had I not gotten up to take a peak out of the tent, it maybe wouldn’t have lost stakes, and gotten washed away with my friend Brian in it.

Of course we probably both would’ve been crushed to bits at the bottom of the now flowing water fall that was such a great clean and serene view the night before when we set up camp had I not. After dragging him out if the tent as the water took everything in its path, only able to hold fast a small tree a few feet away as his anchor, we used every hold, every footing as it may have been our last, trying to find a place the water wasnt too fast and deep to travel the hundred yards down. Our boat, tied up down below, and we obviously had to make there before it sank.

We had cuts and bruises but did make it, lacking all gear, to find a small puppy stowed away in our boat. He was so happy to see another animal alive just then it was like he spoke to us ‘please save me, I don’t want to die either’. He had gotten washed down the hill and made it in through the brush that had fallen aboard somehow, and yes we did get him home to mother later that day. It was a farm way atop that same hill, and I’m guessing he didn’t venture out so far for a long, long time to come.

We ourselves were both in our early twenties, and although I was raised in the country on a farm with lots of work to keep us tough, some things just hit you like a brick wall. It doesn’t matter how tough you are. We are meat and bones, not earth elements like iron, rock, diamonds and steel. Apples and oranges you see… Kind of like this 1000 year storm going on down the east coast in this fall of 2015. Showing us great and powerful all-knowing, all judging humans that we are fleas. Small flecks of dust in the storm that will eventually judge us all.

In fact the weather channel we can all see on our smart phones today can make it all seem docile. I guess its like climbing a mountain with my kids, showing them the awesome beauty they had seen in the pictures on my home computer. It doesn’t compare to the real thing. It simply cannot.

So the next time you read about or see a story where a cargo ship went down with 30 people on it, take a moment, to thank mother nature for being so kind to us, and maybe we should even return the favor when at all possible. Personally I am very grateful for the US Coastguard. They really don’t get the thanks from Americans they deserve.

Now I’m not what you might call a tree huger, but am going to treat myself to a cup of warm tea and honey, feel the warmth go down and thank the stars for my life here. Knowing that to be here, there must be a reason. Something greater, something better, someone or something to help. Maybe even the planet we all take for granted at one time or another.