Sombrero Beach in Marathon Florida

We spent the first few weeks of winter in Marathon’s Boot Key Harbor.While it doesn’t get cold down here, the Keys do still experience its own “winter” weather of winds and rains.It just didn’t seem natural to experience so much rain in the past few months, until, it finally stopped. The sun came out and it felt like Summer! 

For the first time since we left Baltimore, we were able to order supplies and have an address to have items shipped, to the Marathon City Marina. This was a huge plus for us. All cruisers know the part prices can be outrageous at Marina hardware stores. Even small and miscellaneous items, we were able to order from Amazon Prime. 

Marathon may not have the tourist attractions one would find in Key Largo or Key West but is technically the Middle Keys, with’s its own unique history. While Marathon wasn’t officially incorporated until 1999, it was named “Marathon” from the railroad workers in 1908 as they claimed the project became a real marathon to complete. 

**In 1814 Marathon sold for $3000, which was $1000 more than Key West at that time!

 Marathon is also home to the Turtle Hospital and was our first taste of real Cuban coffee, food and attacks from the annoying “no seeums”. 

**Note: Those little insects need a blog of their own. I do believe they are genetically altered to hunt and attack humans! 

While anchored in harbor here, we picked up some bicycles to be able to get provisions and enjoy some time on land. We enjoyed many days just biking around the area and having picnics in the local park. 

We were able to get much of our sanding and painting projects done on the interior, teak work and get a Bimini which took Willow a whole day to install due to the height being off by a few inches. We still made a few sailing trips from here, spent many days sailing around the area and snorkeling at Sombrero Reef

Water Spout in Marathon, Florida

Water Spout in Marathon Florida

We also had our first sighting of water spouts in Marathon. We spotted four of five that passed through one day during a squall. It was a great experience to be able to see them. 

**However, I wasn’t entertained by the idea of one coming near us. Luckily, they passed on by.
This was our first experience with a lengthy stay in any harbor but enjoyed it very much. We finally sent out for our US Coast Guard documentation for Willow Mist and listed Marathon, Florida as our Home Port. 

We made many lifelong friends here including the oldest sailor we have met, Captain Jack. He is 94 years old. It was always a great day to sit under the Tree of Knowledge to hear his stories. He always has a smile on his face and hand picked flowers for the ladies each day. 

We experienced so many amazing days in the sun and evenings watching the sunset disappear into the water more times than I can count. We are truly blessed to have found paradise down here and do plan to come back many times in the future.


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sail”.

~William Ward