Jacksonville, NC

We made our way to Jacksonville, NC on our quest to find “The One”, the sailboat we will someday call our own, to start our new journey.  We spent almost ten hours traveling with excitement to arrive at our destination. Once we arrived, we discovered the boat was not quite what we were looking for. 

So, we spent the night at the marina on the boat and decided to go to as many local marinas as possible while we were here.  We woke up to an amazing sunrise this morning, with a hope of getting a step closer in our journey.   

Marina Cafe Jacksonville, NC

Before leaving we got to check out the Marina parrot. It has its own little space out on the back of the restaurant/bar. It was pretty cool and friendly, asking “what’s your name” quite a few times.  We loaded up the truck, opened Google Maps, and got started on our way.   

Topsail Beach Surf City, NC

After leaving Jacksonville, we made our way toward Surf City, stopping at several marinas in hopes of stumbling across “The One”. We found a few potentials, but nothing too promising.   

Fossil from Topsail Beach

After little discussion, we mutually agreed to spend the night camping on the beach at a local campground, instead of staying in a hotel. We wanted as close to the water as we could get!  Before it got dark, we jumped in for a swim. The waves were pretty strong, as I got pulled under once only to have my bathing suit bottom pulled off!  We sat for quite some time watching the waves roll in and found some seashells and a pretty cool fossil.      

Quartermaster’s Resturant & Tavern

We found a local restaurant that had an AMAZING fresh fish dinner!  (Thanks Clyde). The waitress was friendly and made sure we were taken care of. Quartermaster’s Restaurant & Tavern is HIGHLY recommended for anyone in the Surf City area. 

Once we made it back to the campground and got settled in, we walked back over to the beach. It was so dark, you could only see the stars in the sky and a faint wave from time to time as they crashed under the moonlight. We sat there for quite some time enjoying the sound of waves.   

Lanier's Campground

Camping at Topsail Beach

 When we woke up this morning we took a few steps to find ourselves back on the beach. We had came to the conclusion that this just wasn’t the trip to get us our sailboat to start our adventure.  We sat there wondering how life will be when we are traveling the waters, instead of roads, and waking up to this magnificent view everyday.


“Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean”. ~Author Unknown