What do you need for liveaboard cruising? We had absolutely no idea when we started our journey. We researched anything and everything sailing, and still do! 

Below is a list of useful resources we have found along the way. We have personally used most of them, while some were recommended as worthwhile.

***We will update as more useful resources are discovered. 

Note: I do not own credit to any of the images on this page. Each picture  will link to their respective websites. 



SV Delos Website

SV Delos

 Before we found Willow Mist, we were home, following other sailors along their journeys. We spent our days reading the blogs and watching videos of their adventures.  

**We also discovered a few to follow along the way that are included below.

S/V Pestilence

How do we pass the time on those windy, rainy days when we find ourselves closed inside for unpredictable periods of time? Reading and watching movies help keep us entertained enough from developing cabin fever. 

**It’s also relaxing to have a great movie after a long day of sailing. 

Below is a list of movies, documentaries and TV Shows great for anyone to have in the boat video library.  




Visit the Navionics Website



We do not use our paper charts often. Nor do not use a Garmin,  so we completely rely on our smart phones, computer and tablet software. We couldn’t navigate anywhere without these tools, most of which are APPS. We use many of them every day, all day. 

As far as checking the weather, you cannot have too many weather related resources. Download many APPS as a reminder to constantly check the weather at least 10 times a day. Check the VHF radio weather several times a day too. The weather is a matter of extreme importance to staying afloat and living out here. 

**You cannot have to many weather related resources. Check the wind, tide, and current as often as possible because it can change fast and sometimes with little to no warning. 

Other Useful Apps:

Ride With Uber

How do we get mail? We use a mail delivery service. Several mail services offer mail forwarding from a fixed postal address, to wherever you are. 

Many marinas also offer mail delivery if you are staying at or anchoring near their marina. Especially the city marinas. You can also use the post office for General Delivery.  

In some cases you may need a ride to pick up your mail once you dinghy to land. We prefer Uber, when available. Most locations also have communities of cruisers that can direct you in the right direction for almost anything you need in the area. 

Boat US Website

During our first year of cruising, we purchased a membership with Sea Tow. They provided us with excellent service. We had ran aground on Christmas Eve in Islamorada. He came out to tow us off of the sandbar, and even offered to tow us back to our anchorage! 

We decided to switch over to US boats this year as we already use them for our West Marine membership and boat insurance. It was just easier. Either is well worth the investment in my opinion. 

 Marine purchases and Consignment:



Sailing For Dummies Website

Books and Guides: 

Informative Websites: 


While I know this isn’t a comprehensive list of every helpful resource for living aboard, it is what we have found useful so far. We seriously had no idea what we were doing or how we were going to do it. We learned along the way by locating every single book, link, chart, app, and manual we could find.  

**We have learned alot with these resources, with so much more to learn. If you have any questions about any of the resources or notice we have forgotten one, you can contact us here.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

~Mark Twain