Layne's Marina
Layne's Marina

Layne’s Marina

After purchasing our first sailboat we needed to find a temporary Marina that could accommodate our needs while we complete some major projects and get her ready to sail south.

Our previous Marina didn’t have the set up for us to stay while working around the clock on our new boat. So, it was time to start the time-consuming task of calling several Marinas in Baltimore to find a good match for us and our needs.

We started calling the Marinas closest to us, since we had yet to get the engine fixed or find a solution that wouldn’t involve a costly tow to the new Marina.

After just a few calls we called the owner of Layne’s Marina, Ed Layne. We heard a warm, welcoming voice telling us to come check the place out.

Travel Lift at Layne's Marina

Travel Lift at Layne’s Marina

Since Layne’s Marina was just a little over two miles from us we headed straight on over there. We were greeted by a community of friendly people gathered for a cookout who all recommended Layne’s as our next destination. 

We finally met the owner, Ed Layne, who purchased the Marina several years ago and has spent most of that time restoring this place to what it is today. He works a full-time job in addition to the many hours he puts in at the Marina. 

We loved the place and agreed this was the place to bring our new sailboat. 

After we had her dropped in the water we started preparation for the short trip around the point to Layne’s Marina.

The day we arrived, Ed was on vacation in Florida but had someone waiting on us to get everything taken care of. We had the shore power and water connected within minutes, thanks to Marvin, who was kind enough to help us get settled in.  

We spent the next few months working on the sailboat, learning to sail and learning from our many mistakes along the way with the supportive family of Layne’s to encourage us along the way. We made friends that are sure to become friends for a lifetime. 

We had an amazing stay at Layne’s Marina and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great Marina in the Baltimore, Maryland area. It has a community of friendly people that are as welcoming as your own family. 

You can find their contact information here. They also have a FaceBook page. 


“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm”.

~Henrik Ibsen