Willow & John hoisting the jib up the roller furling

Thanks to John and Robin, we now have a jib! This is our first sail, so we are more than excited.  Willow and John got back with the sail in hopes it would fit. They hoisted it up the roller furling track to find it was a few feet to long (much better than being too short).   Once they got the measurements they brought the sail to Robin, who worked her magic. She started cutting, then sewing the sail. 

Willow was so happy, he hugged Robin

  During the process, Robin discovered the bottom ring could not be salvaged in order to be moved up the now altered sail. So, John and Willow headed over to Dudley’s, (who is a well known sail maker in Maryland) for a replacement ring. On a side note: Dudley is a young lad in his 90’s who is well known in the state for making sails. I’m starting to discover that most people who live on or near water are healthier, happier and tend to grow to be much older. While I have yet to meet him myself, I’ve heard many great things about his sailing, sailboat construction and his basement specifically designed for sailmaking.     Once John and Willow made it back, Robin was able to complete the sail in a matter of minutes. Once they get the jib back on the furling track they discover it cannot be reefed due to the halyard line tangling when rolling it in. This being an old furling system it took some time to figure out. The halyard lines on this system are internal with a track on each side.  After some research Willow discovered how to reef the sail. Issue solved (video closeup of the internal curling system). Hopefully tomorrow we can go for our first real sail.  We are so thankful to both Robin and a John. Robin has been sewing/repairing sails and Bimini tops for YEARS! She is excellent at what she does. I would HIGHLY recommend her work to anyone looking for a job well done with any of these repairs. She is very dedicated and loves what she does.  John is an avid sail racer, who joins the Wednesday night races. He has a racing boat specifically for this. Here is a link of one of the well edited Governor Cup Races posted below.  They have both been a world of knowledge in sailing and have much experience with the ICW. We are both happy to have met such wonderful people in our journey that are not just aquaintances, but lifelong friends to come.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others”.  ~Cicero