First time sailing with the jib

7 a.m. Willow is nowhere to be found inside the sailboat. I head out the companionway to find him adjusting the lines. Are you ready?, he asks. Me: Let’s go! 

Willow adjusting the jib

We have little to no wind but still head out to the bay in hopes we can get some sailing in today. 


Many the time we get the sail out and ready to go, werealize our speedometer has stopped working. After a few times of turning off/on, Willow decides to go underneath to check it from the keel.

 After a few minutes of cleaning the adapter, it starts working again. Baltimore Barnacles to blame! 


We are finally under wind and sailing. It was so exciting! We were going a full 2.5 knots. While not the speed we wanted, it was good to finally get going. No engine noise. Just sailing. Simply amazing! 

Another step in our journey. 

“Change can allow you to accomplish a goal every once in a while, but consistent achievement happens only if you love what you are doing”. 

~Bart Conner